DSF Monday Meeting presentation and the weekend update

We apologize for being offline for 2 days, the servers crashed when an enormous amount of you folks hit the site all at one time.  We have it all worked out now, and hope it does not happen again.  Honestly, I love it when the servers crash from too much traffic.  It drives Chris Walker (admin 1) crazy insane.  We tried to anticipate the traffic increase, like we saw at the beginning of last season, and under shot it just a tad.  Thank you for all of the support!!  Feel free to overburden our servers anytime.

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The first IGFA All Tackle Release record set by Captain Brian Wazlavek and Colby Hastings, whom caught this fish (Colby).

Monday night for our Monthly presentation, Captain Brian Wazlavek will speak about Drum fishing in the Delaware Bay at Delaware’s Old Bay Steakhouse 18693 Highway 1.  The restaurant is donating 10% of the night’s proceeds to the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays.  The group usually meets about 5:30 ish, starts telling lies about 6 p.m., and the presentation will start at 6:30 p.m.  Capt. Brian will have a special surprise for the group, so be sure to come out, and join our Monday Meetings.  DSF is not a club but an online publication, and we do not charge any fees to attend these gatherings.  We do this for like minded anglers to meet, greet, and learn from one another.  I will hold a raffle for either a Star Angler Discount Card or a DSF hat.  We always have some of our apparel available and should have license plates as well.  I asked Captain Brian to send me a bit of information about himself …    “Captain Brian has been fishing since his early childhood on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. His love of the water led him to enlist in the United States Coast Guard in October 1981 and retired November 2005. He brings a unique philosophy to charter fishing “create a fisherman for life.”  This applies to young and old alike. Taking an educational approach to his fishing, not just showing you the how, but answering the why. Capt.  Brian is not secretive about his techniques or his locations.  He started charter fishing in the spring 2006 and has been running charters or mating ever since.   Capt. Brian was the first and currently the FIRST and ONLY recommended IGFA Captain in Delaware.  During the summer of 2010, Capt. Brian started tagging sharks for the Apex Predator Program of the National Marine Fisheries located in Rhode Island. Tag and release shark fishing has become Capt. Brian’s specialty. In 2012 he and his crew set two IGFA All Tackle Release records, as well as catching and releasing over 200 sharks. The IGFA is the overseer of recreational fishing worldwide. The IGFA is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping”.  We are looking forward to this presentation.

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Tautog caught by Clay Harrisson at IRI
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The fishing has been slow, since it is still chilly in our waters (44 degrees avg.).  A few tautog were caught at the Indian River inlet this weekend.  Clay Harrison hit a keeper at the slack tide on green crabs.  The fish measured 16 inches, and he caught a few undersized as well.  The boys up north have been hitting shorty striped bass at Augustine beach on bloodworms, and across the river in Jersey.  There was one keeper striped bass pulled from our northern tidal waters, measuring 28.5 inches.  Kristen Kemper hit a windowpane flounder in the surf a few days ago, on chicken.  She also saw a seal near the inlet when she was exploring the area.  The fresh water fishing has been good.  White perch are still thick in the Broadkill River.  The osprey are all over the place now, and it has been a pleasure to watch them fish.  Steve Di Girolamo  saw one the other day carrying a 16 inch fish or larger.  He couldn’t tell what type, but it did come from tidal water so that is a good sign.  A live horse shoe crab was seen in the back bay marina at Pot Nets Bayside, by Ray Hibbs.  Daune and her kids found another on Fenwick Island this Saturday while beach combing.  We still have a contest going for the first keeper flounder of the season.  You have to be able to prove it was caught this season, and have a witness.  A picture is also required for verification to win a DSF T shirt.  We have plenty of license plate numbers still available.  The numbers can be any sequence so long as they are 4 digits, and haven’t been taken yet, also please bear with us as it takes time to make numbers out of sequence.  In a few days we will announce our first contest, and winner for tag holders only.  That is one of the reasons we numbered the tags.  I have requests for tags to match birthdays, anniversaries, sports jersey numbers, race cars, DMS tag numbers, license plate numbers, and all kinds of combinations.  Thank you all for the support and we appreciate it immensely.  The tag number 0001 with a pink ribbon above the number will be auctioned off soon on E bay  and the proceeds donated to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.  I know many have been waiting for that to be announced, we have a few things to coordinate before we can post the auction.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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