White Perch, Channel Cats, and Skates … no blue crabs yet

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Jeff Sands with a nice Channel Cat from the DE River

There are fish up north and it is too cold in the south?  Funny as that may sound it is true, the northern waters of the Delaware River are starting to see more action.  Down here in the south or Lower Slower, we are seeing fewer fish (mostly perch and skates) and still averaging 44 degrees for water temperatures.  The other Day Jeff Sands, Jason Duncan, and Julia Ann fished up North.  In the Dobbinsville area.  The choice bait has been bloodworms as it always is this time of year.  Julia and Jeff caught a nice catfish, and Jason hit a small white perch.  The fact they were on the shore fishing for the day was all that mattered.  Jersey side has still been hot for shorty striped bass and some keepers.  Striped Bass spawning season is in effect in the Delaware River north of the C&D canal.  Nothing but circle hooks with live bait and can not keep any Striped bass.  In fact is is a good idea to not pose with a fish for a picture, get them back in the water as fast as possible.  There are shorties on the DE side as well.  Everyone is waiting for fish to start moving around down here, and it is coming soon.  Next week we will start warming up faster.  Hunter fished Broadkill Beach yesterday and pulled a skate, but at least he had a tug on the line.  White Perch are still in the Broadkill River and inner tidal waterways.  This cold snap has not helped, nor did the last one.  Mostly we are spoiled, last year we were hammering fish in 70 degree weather.  This year not so much, fish are not here yet, and everyone is chomping at the bit to catch.  Wetting a line is the easy part right now.  Many people fished the beaches over the weekend, and came up skates or donuts.  Dolphins are moving around in the surf, which is always a good sign.  Steven Williams was fishing the Indian River Inlet the other morning and saw a school of fish being worked by birds.  That lasted 20 minutes, and he did not know what species of fish.  Shad should be here soon, no one has seen any bunker.  Except at the bait shops, Rick’s Bait and Tackle in Long Neck, DE  has just loaded up with bunker for crab pots.  I have not seen any signs of blue crabs out there, except more live horseshoe crabs were reported Monday night at the meeting.  The Davis boys saw a few near Slaughter and Fowler’s beach.  Fiddler crabs are moving around again, but slowly.  It appears that mother nature has decided to take her time this year.  Last year we had a season of early catches with all species, and we were a little spoiled.  This year should be interesting.  After all it is called fishing, we do most of our catching in restaurants.

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Kristen Kemper, Brad Robinson and myself fishing the point 2 years ago.
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Monday Meetings have been a great time, and we have seen many new faces.  If you want to met fellow like minded anglers, or just learn about fishing come to a Monday meeting at Delaware’s Old Bay on Route 1, soon to change names to the Delaware Distilling Company.  Zach King and the crew always have something brewing , literally now.  Captain Brian’s presentation on Drum fishing was amazing I have 8 pages of notes to share with you.  We have had many requests for fishing lessons and guided tours of the area.  If you are interested in either service use the contact link at the top right of the page and send DSF an email.  We can customize a program for you and your crew with our Pro Staffers … Kristen Kemper, CJ Jarrell, Neil Parry, and Rich King.  Learn to fish the surf, pier, rocks, rail, or bays … read the beach … tie your own rigs … preparing baits … casting … and much more.  Spend the day on the water with the DSF crew.  We can do individual lessons and groups up to 25 people.  Large groups will have the added bonus of riding the Black Pearl and Bloody Mary (pirate buses).  Surf fishing lessons will be on a private beach, so you can get comfortable with your surroundings.  We also have a beach driving class if anyone is interested in that skill as well.  Don’t be that guy this summer, you know, the one I take pictures of doing it wrong for our Fishing Follies album!  We have a lot of fun events planned this summer, check out our events page for announcements.  This Saturday come out to Bill’s Sport Shop’s annual Flea Market and meet DSF Pro Staff.  I have a new product we will be debuting for the beach this year.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of old gear, or pick up stuff to fill those holes in your fishing arsenal.  Sunday Funday we will have a meet and greet on the beach.  We just have to decide which one.  Ladies we will have pink hoodies available soon, as well as flags and morale patches.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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