Delaware’s Youngest Fly Tyer


fly fishing, delaware, sussex county
Cohen busy tying with the guidance of Steve Halsted.

Saturday I dropped by to see the Saltwater Fly Anglers Of Delaware Club at their weekly fly tie meets.  Chad Betts was there with his son Cohen, locals of Milton,DE.  You will probably recognize Cohen, he is the young man on the cover of the 2018 Delaware Fishing Guide with the striped bass and a huge smile.  Ever since I met Cohen he has been into fishing.  A couple of years ago when his father Chad and I were helping researchers seine net Broadkill Beach for weakfish to tag for a project, he was there.  Cohen was six years old then and helping us empty all the critters out of the net.  My man can pick up crabs better than most adults and with no fear.  On Saturday he was tying flies like a champ, he is eight years old now.


fly fishing, flues, fly box, sussex county, delaware
Cohen tied all of these flies except two that were given to him by club members.

Chad Betts … “That picture of him on the guide’s cover was the day we were bailing striped bass one after another on a couple of flies he tied up.  Everyone near us wasn’t catching anything and were dying to know what he was using.  Last year I brought Cohen to the fly tying meetings you told us about, just to check it out, and Cohen was hooked.  Now when his feet hit the floor in the morning, he is at his fly tying table in his room.  He is making his own flies, poppers and making plugs out of corks.  If he isn’t tying flies, he wants to go fish with them.  This year his aunt gave him a lure making kit uses coins to make the body of the lure.  it is really easy to use and he has made some really cool lures that catch fish.  The other day we found a few lures, this hula popper had a messed up tail hook, he tied up a new one and now it is good to go.  Recently we have been fishing our local ponds and the Broadkill River for bass and crappie”


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Cohen and some of the club members. Bob Kutay, Joe Schmoyer, John Lupinetti, Steve Halsted and Roy Miller.

This Saturday Cohen became the youngest member ever of the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware Club.  The club members were ecstatic to see his enthusiasm.  They spent all morning giving him advice, checking out his tying skills, coaching him on techniques, and offering advice.  Cohen was really in his element tying with the big boys.  Being a member of the club will help Cohen hone his fly tying and fishing skills in the years to come.  I don’t think I have ever seen him without a fishing rod in his hands or near by for that matter.  Saturday he had his fly box and tying supplies with him, he brought as much gear as some of the club members do for these meets.   I know his father Chad is very proud of Cohen and his love for fishing.  It will be a pleasure to watch his skills develop over the years.  The club will be the perfect addition to his affinity for fishing, these folks will help him immensely.  It is one of the best fishing clubs in Delaware and their new member is a great addition.

Fish On!

Rich King

Lure made from a dime and it catches fish.
Cohen’s fly box for all his creations.

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