Delaware Trout Ponds are Stocked for Saturday


rainbow trout, newton pond, tidbury pond, stocking, opening day
Rainbow trout stocked today in Dellaware
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tidbury pond, dover, delaware, kent county, trout ponds, opening day
Tidbury pond is still frozen over … photo by Joe Kibler

Today Mac Davis and I went to Newton Pond in Greenwood and filmed Mark Zimmermann a Environmental Scientist for DNREC, Garry Glanden, Darryl “Gonzo” Harris, and Jerry Parker stock the pond with rainbow trout for the upcoming opening trout pond season that opens Saturday.  They informed us that Tidbury Pond was over eighty percent covered with ice, but it seemed to be thin and hopefully the coming rain will help melt it.  Big thanks to Joe Kibler for the photos of the stocking up north today at Tidbury.  They arrived around 2 pm to start stocking Newton pond, having already stocked Tidbury pond up north. No images found.

newton pond, greenwood, delaware, sussex county,
Newton pond is clear of ice

When Mac Davis and I arrived at Newton pond there was no one there and the ice was gone.  Two days ago it was covered at least seventy percent with ice.  Geese and ducks were here and there cruising along the surface of the water.  Many people dropped by to check if the pond had been stocked yet.  Everyone was excited to see the amount and size of fish that were released into the ponds and now they can’t wait to get back on Saturday to do some fishing.  It will be crowded at both ponds and DNREC will stock again next Thursday.  The fish looked very nice and should be rather tasty.  We are looking forward to returning to Newton Pond on Saturday to check out opening day.

Fish On!

Rich King

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