The Sounds and Signs of Spring

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Osprey eating a fish near the Indian River Inlet. They are here and more are showing up daily.

Daylight savings time is like forced jet lag, but it is nice now that there is still sunlight after you get off work, to go fishing.  The longer days are now upon us and the recent time change, though an illusion of an instantly longer day, the rewards are starting to show.  Last night there was familiar but forgotten sound in the back yard, the peepers were out in full force.  A staccato of noise was coming from the creeks and swamp behind the house.   Other signs are starting to show, there have been several osprey spotted as far up as Dover.  These are my favorite feathered fish finders, when they are catching, you are catching.   Now that the ice has subsided, white perch and crappie are being caught with more frequency on minnows,  stores are starting to carry bloodworms (Dans Tackle Box will be stocked today).  Soon trees will start budding and we will see more signs of spring, but so far this precursor has not been disappointing.  Now if the water would just warm up in the surf and bays.  Masseys Landing has been bouncing between thirty six and forty four degrees at the peak yesterday.  The higher temperatures are during low tide, the lows are at high tide.  The Delaware Bay is peaking around thirty six degrees, and the surf is roughly the same, sea surface temperature has been averaging thirty seven degrees.  Time to get the last minute gear preps done and finalize any plans, we will be fishing daily soon.  Toes in sand, drifting the bays, plopped on a pier, rock hopping, or a lazy day on the shore.  Whatever your flavor, it is most needed because the winter was brutal, and felt like it would never end.

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