Delaware Surf Fishing Tournaments Adds A kid’s Division With A Fun For The Family Twist

Everyone wants to bring the kids to the Delaware Surf Fishing tournaments and who can blame them, I get asked this a lot …
Could I bring my son, or daughter. Will they be in the way?
Absolutely you can bring them and no they will not be in the way. Let them fish and have fun, that is up to you. Just mind your neighbors.” It is always a great time to have the whole family at the beach rooting for their favorite angler.
I only have one rule for the kids to surf fish in the tournaments. Parents, you have to fish with the kids, you cannot just drop them off, unattended children will be sold as slaves. You also have to sign the kids up ahead of time so we know how many are coming to compete.

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These kids dressed up at the awards ceremony and were awarded May The Fish Be With You posters

During all of the Delaware Surf Fishing tournaments in the past, even the high end prize events, the kids who do fish are never in anyone one’s way and have a great time. We want kids to not only feel welcome, but to encourage them to get into surf fishing and the outdoors. What better way than allowing them to compete with the rest of the anglers, but to a degree to make it more fair for the kids. Maybe even fairer for some of the anglers, I mean, I have seen how some of you catch.😁 I’m kidding …. not really.

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Fall Fish Bowl 2018 ..Whole family fishing together, kids spent most of the day playing in the sand and tide pools. They had a blast.
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The kids divisions for all Delaware Surf Fishing tournaments will have two age brackets. There will be an award for the largest fish for each age bracket as well as prize places. Ages 12 and under, and ages 13 to 17 are the kid’s division brackets. In the younger division parents are allowed to help the kids fish, cast, catch and land fish. In the older division the kids are to do it all themselves. We encourage you to let the kids do as much on their own as possible. Especially when they start out fishing the parents. If that happens you can not send them to their rooms.

Anthony Purdy and Ticen Willey banging up spot in the surf

Now for the added twist …
For even more fun for the whole family, we are also adding a bonus set of prizes for families that fish together. Families can combine their points for a separate prize, or side prize so to speak. The rules and prizes will be announced for each tournament separately.
Dad, mom and kids, or however combo you all fish together. You can add together your points for a separate set of prizes. Only stipulation for the family prizes, everyone has to be related, you can’t bring all 30 “tax dependents” 🤣. Yes you can bring your cousins, uncles, and aunts they just have to compete separately as well. The bigger the family “crew” the better your chances at the family prizes. We hope this encourages more of a family affair for the Delaware Surf Fishing tournaments.

Fish On!
Rich King

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