Delaware Surf Fishing Report redfish, blue fish and striped bass

Holts Landing, park volunteers, delaware surf fishing
Cleaning up Holt’s Landing with the volunteers Saturday

I met the park’s volunteers today at Holt’s Landing, and helped clean the park.  A group of students helped today, they were very nice and energetic, their efforts are very appreciated by DSF.  We cleaned the park up quickly, then they headed to the south side of the Indian River Inlet camp ground to get a few things left over from yesterday’s clean up.  There is still more to be done, and Shelby will let me know when and where, then I will let all of you know.  It would be great if we could get some more volunteers to help clean our parks and beaches, we all use so much.  If as many people that were concerned with the condition of the beaches, showed up to help, we would have too many people.  I was surprised not to see groups out there, that use these beaches regularly.  There were a lot of people fishing today.  Some were catching, and others were just going through the motions.  DSSP’s coin beach was covered with beach combers, I guess the word is out about the pieces of eight found on the beach the other day.  OOOOPS!!  There is all kinds of things washing up on our beaches, or exposed by the storms.  We do not know the origin of the bulkhead at the base of the super dune.  This is on the surfer’s beach at the north side of the Indian River Inlet, and it is not a shipwreck.  You can smell the creosote 50 feet away, it looks pristine, being buried in sand all these years.  Everyone we have asked has no idea what, or when it was from, we will find out let you know.

Cape Henlopen State park, fishing pier, delaware surf fishing
Cape Henlopen fishing pier is closed only at the very end until it is repaired.

The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier is now open, the “smaller” end of the pier is closed off for repairs.  There were only 2 people fishing when I dropped by today, seems no one knows it is open.  The beaches are all open, accessible, and carved up from the storms.  There is a trench in the center of the beaches in DSSP and Fenwick Island.  Over time this will fill in, and the beaches will recover.  Keep in mind it is not the normal small indentations.  Some places it is almost 3 feet deep and 12 feet wide.  Today I saw a guy fishing one of them near coin beach.  The area there that looks like a “cove” is carved out, and is now a giant pool at low tide.  I did not ask the gentlemen if he caught anything in the pool.  I was curious if it was holding fish, but did not have my gear.  Yes, for once and last, I went to the Indian River Inlet without any rods, or gear.  I have spent the past few days volunteering in the parks, getting beach conditions, and having business meetings.  I can not wait to go fishing!  I also checked on all of our sponsors, and Port Dewey Beach is the only one that had any real problems.  Port Dewey flooded, which destroyed the HVAC system, and the floors.  Mitch and Zach King have people there working as fast as they can to reopen November 15th, next Friday.  We will keep you updated about my brothers from other mothers.

redfish, red drum, puppy drum, 3Rs beach access, delaware surf fishing, delaware seashore state park
Sherry Norem with one of the redfish she caught today on 3R’s beach in Delaware Seashore State Park
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So what is everyone catching, and where? … Friends on Herring point beach today, and at the point, came up donuts.  Keith Barone caught a huge Ramen noodle package, doing his part to help clean the beaches.  Most of the beaches are clean because everything washed into the dunes. There is a lot of debris from the storms in the bays and ocean, and we will be dealing with that for a while.  A whole roof washed up on shore at Savages Ditch pavilion, it still has the tin.  If you are boating keep that in mind, especially out front in the ocean, most of the debris is just under the water’s surface.  Chris, Sherry, Mark, and Andres were fishing 3R’s today and tearing into the puppy drum, yes both red (redfish) and black.  Another buddy out there today was hitting bluefish and redfish.  These were all caught on mullet, chunks and whole on rigs.  Conquest beach was producing keeper stripers yesterday, and shorties today. Bubble gum beach at the Indian River Inlet has been hot for shorty stripers, redfish, and trout.  There were a lot of people “tauggin” and I saw very few keepers and a lot of shorts.  Out in the ocean, site 10 has been hot for trout.  There are big stripers in the Delaware bay at most of the shoals.  Beach Plum Island produced a redfish today, and a few trout the other day.  The surf here on Braodkill Beach is still dark with silt.  The water is murky in the bays and the inlets.  The rocks at the Indian River inlet are filled in with sand, and it is washing out with the tide surges.  This is causing the cloudy water, and will clear up soon, we hope.  The surf at the beach looks good, but is a little stirred up as well.  It will take a few days for the water to clear up.  The bays and seas are calmer, the weather this week will be beautiful.

Welcome to Delaware! …. To our brethren anglers from NJ and NY, I have met a few of you these last few days, thank you for the compliments, and reading the site.  We do have some good fishing down here, come get some.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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