Surf Fishing Sunday in the parks for striped bass, bluefish and tautog

striped bass, rockfish, delaware bay, delaware surf fishing, aggressor fishing crew
Ben Scholl with a nice striped bass he and the aggressor fishing crew hit in the middle of the Delaware Bay.

DSF would like to thank all of our veterans past and present, as well as those still serving.  I have a lot of friends in the military and children of friends as well.  THANK YOU!

I walked Broadkill beach after breakfast today, there is a lot of natural debris on the beach.  Which is normal after a storm, there is also some trash on the beaches, unfortunately also normal.  I left BBB and headed to Cape Henlopen to meet some friends that were surf fishing.  There were people all over the park on scooters, horses, and bicycles.  Several groups were playing disc golf, and the pier was not as crowded as I expected.  The tide was at a dead low, the flats were exposed, and people were out there digging for clams.  I aired down and headed onto the point.  The sand is loose at the beginning of the beach, but the rest is packed rather well. There were people beach combing, even a horse and carriage was cruising around.  The boys hooked up a small redfish and a skate just before I arrived, at dead low tide.  The Cape May-Lewes Ferry came by and looked like a hover craft from our angle of view.  Helicopters were flying overhead all day, probably from the relief efforts up north.  The beach had a decent crowd surf fishing, and the weather was beautiful.  I headed out soon after, checked herring point beach, and went to Delaware Seashore State Park.  Several people were fishing 3R’s beach, and many were just arriving for the incoming tide, around 2 p.m.

sail boats, horse and carriage, delaware surf fishing, cape henlopen state park, the point beach
Sailing, horse and carriage, beach combing and surf fishing … all on one beach

There were fish caught today on all beaches not as many as everyone would like, but that is the nature of fishing.  You can fish next to a cut holding fish, never hook up, move 20 feet over, and start hammering them.  The folks “taugin” were doing okay, I only saw a few keepers, but the water at the Indian River Inlet is still very murky.  The rocks are full of sand and silt, which is stirring up from the tide surges.  The surf at the point was rather dirty as well.  Josh Cushing was on the point and sent in his report … “Skate, Skate, Dog, Skate, Dog, Skate“.  He may as well been playing duck, duck, goose.  There were 30 boats in the Inlet, and I watched 2 guys in a really small jon boat head to the end of the rock pile.  Everyone on the south rail was wondering when the boat was going to swamp, not a smart thing to do in such a dangerous place.  The boats were not catching as far as we could tell, but the Coast Guard was doing rather well.  Make sure you have everything legal before you go boating out there.  Massey’s Landing is still hot for shorty stripers, and at times is dead, again it is fishing.  A few keepers have been pulled from there, and the back bays are holding striped bass, white bucktails and swim shads are the best.  Fish the grass lines on an outgoing tide, they feed on baitfish that get dumped out of the grasses on the mud banks.

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striped basss, Massey's Landing, delaware surf fishing, rock fish, striper fishing
Alan Rosenberger’s striped bass from Massey’s Landing, just under 28 inches.

We are shipping all “hoodie” and DSF T shirt orders on Tuesday,including the pink Breast Cancer Awareness shirts.  Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter created a few issues for our shirt supplier, we prefer to support local.  The “Delaware Survived Frankenstorm” shirts should be ready for shipping by the weekend, at the earliest.  I apologize for any inconvenience, we have a lot of things going on at DSF, and are a tad spread out, all over the county, and state.  To all our hunting friends, did you know we have a buddy, Jerry Wilson, that has an excellent site for hunting and freshwater fishing?  Check out Delaware Premiere Outdoorsman for all your local hunting information.

We have some new projects we are working on, also I am posting several new sponsor articles this week so please bear with us, we know you prefer fishing reports.  However, we support our sponsors whom support DSF, and we hope you will as well.  There were reports of lots of birds diving near Fenwick Island today, and the water looked “fishy”.  Some large bluefish were also pulled from the Delaware bay over the weekend.  The boys up north are seeing less and less fish, Jersey is all but shut down, however some are still able to fish, and hammering keeper striped bass.  The run is starting up, and you want to be ready.  We hope they do not go right past Delaware, there is a lot of food out front for them, and our bays are trashed, literally, from the storms.  Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, I will be fishing somewhere.  I saw a lot of NJ and NY tags on surf fishing vehicles lining up for the Cape May-Lewes ferry.  Hope you boys had a good time down here, and visit again soon.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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