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seal, ice breakers, pilot ships, delaware bay ice pack, pancake ice, grease ice, delaware bay launch
One of my favorite photos submitted … Seal on the ice near a pilot ship .. Photo from Captain Kane Bounds
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This is our third episode of Delaware Surf Fishing Outdoors and More, and we tried a different approach with this show.  We reached out to our viewers and readers and asked for any video footage and pictures they might have of the frozen bays and ocean.  We want to thank everyone for their submissions.  Mac Davis edited this show with some of the best footage, had we used everything in full length this show would have topped an hour.  We hope you enjoy this episode, we usually try to do a more educational approach with me talking over the video with facts and such, but the video footage is so surreal we figured it would speak for itself.  Thanks again everyone and we always appreciate any video footage and photos you can send us to help us create this unique outdoors show about the State of Delaware.  We now have  a ROKU channel, DSF 302 TV,  and you can add this to your ROKU channel menu at this link … DSF 302 TV   We decided to go with streaming TV as a fifth place to watch these shows online.  We wanted to put this on local TV or a cable service but found that this would allow us more versatility.  We  also have a channel section called a “Moment of Zen”  this channel section will have videos of all kinds of fun and relaxing videos for your enjoyment.  If anyone is interested in us hosting their outdoor shows on DSF 302 TV please get in touch we have very reasonable rates to host your show.

Fish On!

Rich King

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