Beach Access and Etiquette

Beach Access/Etiquette

JEEP on the beach
JEEP on the beach

Hello everyone from SDJC and DSF.  Let’s talk about proper equipment for driving on the beach.  Last time we gave a list of the equipment required by DENREC.  You also find the required equipment list in your state park pamphlet when you get your beach tag.  So since you will have these items; let’s go over some tips to help you out while you are enjoying our beautiful beaches.

Place your vehicle in 4-wheel drive prior to entering beach access.  If not sure of the procedure; check your owner’s manual for your vehicle.  Some vehicles will tell you what the vehicle should be placed in for sandy conditions.  Remember to air down you tires to 20 lbs to 25 lbs of pressure prior to driving on the sand.  This helps create a wider contact patch while driving on the sand.  Aggressive tires are actually not as good in sand as say your typical all terrain tires due to aggressive mud tires wanting to dig into the sand.  So if you feel that your vehicle is bogging down.  Just stop and let some more air out of your tires and give it a try.  It may take a couple of times to figure this out depending on your type of vehicle.

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vehicle stuck on access ramp that did not air down
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When entering onto the beach, the entrance/exit is normally the softest.  This is where some first timers have problems.  You don’t have to go fast; just keep your speed steady.  If you see someone trying to exit the beach, proper etiquette is to let that vehicle exit prior to you attempting to enter.

Once on beach; keep to right just like driving on the roadways.  You will see where most people have driven and that will be a good indication where it’s probably safe to drive.  Be sure to stay off the dunes and keep out of restricted areas. Drive a safe speed and be cautious of people playing.

Once you have found your desired location for set up, be sure to keep your vehicle in the dry sand because going in the wet sand can get you stuck.  Thus starting your day at the beach with work instead of fishing and fun.

If anyone has specific questions or other inquiries, we can be found on Face book at Southern Delaware Jeep Club.  Come join us at our events for a great Family Friendly Time and “Keep on Jeepin”


Author, Mike @ SDJC

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