Delaware State Parks is demolishing the “Tee” section of the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier


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Cape Henlopen Fishing pier “Tee” section a month ago, The Tall Ship of Delaware, Kalmar Nyckel in background

The T section of the Cape Henlopen pier will be demolished, starting next week.  The area has already been set up with notices for boaters to avoid that area, this is for all kayakers as well.  Delaware State Parks has to “contain” any loose debris.  Construction crews estimated it will take 6-7 weeks.   So, sometime in June … I am kidding!!  It will be sad to see the old pier go, but it is a hazard.  Soon storms and high tides will pick it to pieces, and spread it all over Delaware’s beaches.  Removing it before that happens will prevent a lot of potential, and serious boat damage.  I have watched the pier get closer and closer to the water, just in the past year.  The pylons there are a great place to fish structure, but the old pier is dangerous hanging near your head.  I have seen people underneath in kayaks to get out of the sun.  Not smart, in fact that is the first thing I told those guys the other day … “Do not go under there, it is about to drop.”  I do not know if there are plans in the future to rebuild this section.  I think we all would know the answer to that question … not at this point and time.  There is a bright side.

I spoke with the Chief of the Office of Design, Britt Murray, I wanted to ask some details I was curious about, you know, fishing.  His office is responsible for all construction and developmental activities.  It was a pleasure speaking with you today.  I had my usual fun, joking around with people, and he was right there with me.

Will we still be able to fish the pier? … “The pier will remain open for fishing, we will have the surrounding area marked off limits to boaters, kayakers, paddle boards, and swimmers.”  Wow, really?  You actually have to tell someone not to swim there?  … “You would be surprised.

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When the old structure has been removed are you taking the pylons out as well, or will they remain for fish habitat? …  “The plan is to keep the pylons there, if a few are removed while taking the top off, that is fine.   If we feel it is necessary, the pylons will be cut below the low tide line.  To keep an existing fish habitat.”  (I high-fived the air) … “Basically we will be removing all of the shade, anything deteriorated, and whatever tags along.”  We were joking about the shaded kayakers earlier.

Will the area be restricted for boaters and kayakers as a “preserve”, or can kayakers fish there, we have been asked by many of our readers?  …  “Yes, you will be able to fish the area, however there will be navigational aid added.  The existing structure has blinking lights out front on posts.  These will be replaced with 3 new posts out front that will cover the old “Tee” area.  We will add 2 more lights to the skinny section that leads to the “Tee” on each side. The Coast guard will have notifications as per requirements on their charts.  In fact I think they are already up there.”  Thanks for speaking with me Britt, maybe we will see you around the surf.

There it is gang, we still get to fish, and will have safer structure.  Granted there isn’t any shade out there, but when is there anywhere else on the bay?  Good to see the old pier coming down, sad to see it go, but maybe this will break ground to get the ball rolling on a new addition.  It would be nice to fish that far again from the boards.  For now I will borrow a Jackson Coosa, and hit the bays, actually I need to try the Cuda next.

Fish On!!

Rich King



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