Delaware State 2016 Fish Rulers Now Available


2016 Delaware State Fishing Ruler
2016 Delaware State Fishing Ruler

The new 2016 fishing rulers are here finally.  They were delayed due to the fact the original samples would lose their ink once they got wet.  Must have been a gag gift company.  Seriously, a fish ruler that loses its ink once it gets wet.  Otherwise known as made by the lowest bidder.  The state got it all worked out and the new 2016 rulers are here, and available at all bait shops.  They are a decent color this year, I remember the pink ones were a little unpopular for some folks.  It is a fish ruler does it really matter what color?  The creel limits are up to date on the ruler.  These are always good to have for clammers and crabbers.  The slot on the ruler is perfect for measuring, easy to access, and the ink doesn’t come off.

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