Southern Kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus)

Southern Kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus)

King Fish (southern), whiting
Southern King Fish

Also know as … Roundhead, Sea Mullet, Whiting, King Whiting, Virginia Mullet

Description …

The southern kingfish is another popular fish to catch in the summertime to the fall in Delaware,  showing up in the surf, inland bays, and Delaware bay.  They are often confused with the northern kingfish but have a lighter coloration and no dorsal filament or longer spine.  Sometimes they are confused with small weakfish, look for the barbel and no protruding canines for the difference.  They can be caught on top and bottom rigs with clam, squid, cut bait, bloodworms, sand fleas, and fish bites.  Fly fishermen catch them on small flies that mimic crabs and worms. They have single barbel under the chin and are bottom feeders.  Also related to the drum family and lacking the drumming or croaking sound.  They are long and slender with grayish silver body color.  the sides will have 6 to 8 faint dusky bars and may be present along the back and sides.  The fins are dusky in color throughout the fin.   They are found up and down the Atlantic coast Migrating to Delaware in the late spring.

Delaware Creel limit ..

None ..

Below is a video of us catching southern kingfish in Delaware on Delaware Surf Fishing University (DSFU)



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