Northern Kingfish ( Menticirrhus saxatilis)

Northern Kingfish ( Menticirrhus saxatilis)

King Fish (northern), Roundhead, Sea Mullet, Whiting, King Whiting, Virginia Mullet, Menticirrhus saxatilis
King Fish (northern)

Also known as  … Roundhead, Sea Mullet, Whiting, King Whiting, Virginia Mullet

Description …

Kingfish are a popular fish in the surf and bays in Delaware  during the summer into the fall.  They are a member of the drum family but do not make the typical drumming or croaking noise due to lack of an air bladder.  They are typically bottom feeders.   Readily caught on bloodworms and fishbites, as well as small pieces of cut bait, clam, or squid.  They average about 3/4 of a pound but can reach upwards of 2 pounds.  Northern kingfish are a long slender bodied fish and dark in coloration.  The top of the fish is dark that fades into grayish sides.  There are 5 or 6 bars that occur on the back of the fish.  The fins are dusky with a black tinge and tipped with a white coloration.  The dorsal fin has a long soft spine (filament) that extends further than the fin itself.  They have one barbel on the chin below and underslung mouth for feeding on the bottom.

Delaware Creel limit …  None 


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Gulf Kingfish (Mentricirrhus Littoralis ) with 2 bluefish and a northern pufferfish … Kevin Michael

















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