Lizardfish (Synodus foetens)

Lizardfish (Synodus foetens)

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Lizard fish caught in the Rehoboth bay

Also known as … lizard fish

Description …

Lizardfish are a long slender fish with a almost cylindrical body.  The head is pointed and reptilian in appearance, with a large mouth full of sharp teeth.  Their skin also has the appearance of a reptile, but they do have scales.  They are brown to grayish in color with a white belly.  Notorious and voracious bait stealers, they can be a nuisance when fishing the bottom as they are benthic or bottom dwellers.  They prefer shallow sandy areas, and usually show up about mid to late summer in Delaware.  Despite their size they will go after large baits such as minnow when flounder fishing.  The dorsal fin is on the middle of the back with a small adipose fin closer to the tail, possibly used as a sensory organ.  They are readily found mid to late summer in the inland bays especially when flounder fishing.

Delaware Creel limit …  None 


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