Dead Sea Turtle Washes Up At The Point


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Dead sea turtle washed up on the beach at the point in Cape Henlopen State Park.

Yesterday we got to fish the point a day early since it was opened up a day early.  That was a lot of fun slamming little blue fish all day, this morning the crew is out there and came across this dead sea turtle.  If you come across any dead marine life in the parks contact the rangers at (302) 739-4580  or, send a text message to MERR at (302) 228-5029.  If you text MERR leave as many details as possible as well as location.  It is best to not touch any carcasses you find, especially marine mammals because some can carry diseases and bacteria that can transfer to humans.  If yo find sea turtles, dolphins, whales, or nay mammal contact MERR.  If you find large fish don’t contact MERR they do not handle fish, that is  DNREC’s department.   With the storm surges we saw the last few days and in the coming months things like this happen more often this time of year.

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