Chillaware Surf Fishing Tournament Fall Fishing Tips


This morning at Southside looking towards 3Rs

So the weather despite being nasty today, will be better tomorrow and the waves will lay down a lot more.  This is classic fall weather fishing and we are loving it.  Hopefully the east winds have pushed in some fish.   So how do you fish these conditions?  That’s easy …

You will need some weight for sure.  Four ounces will do well on top and bottom rigs and six ounces will be good for mullet and surf rigs.  If the bait is big with a float you will want six ounces.  We are allowing you to fish with two rods at a time.  You might want to keep at least one in your hands at all times to feel bites and any movement of the weight.  A small fish will hit a line in this heavier surf and you won’t see it, but you can feel it.  You would think the fish wouldn’t feed during rougher conditions, but just the opposite is true.  The faster water causes the fish to use more energy to move around or even sit in place.  More energy expelled means they need more food, they have to eat.  Striped bass in particular love these conditions.  The sand gets stirred up keeping food in the water column and any disoriented bait fish are easier targets.  You will be fishing the outgoing to the incoming tide.  Low tide is at 10:30 AM.


Painting by Rick Lantz we are raffling off for Frets 4 Vets retail value $175.00 this is about 4 feet long.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  The after party for the awards ceremony is going to be a great time.  We have a taco and raw bar, with a can and crush bar (not included in the ticket price).  The DJ will play until 7 PM and then we will call it a night.  Bring cash for 50/50 raffles and a painting raffle to benefit Frets 4 Vets. Part of the proceeds from the food and bar will also go to Frets 4 Vets.   We will have raffles for all kinds of donated gear and the like from our sponsors.

Good luck everyone!

Fish on!

Rich King

Some of the prize choices and raffle items

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