Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Will Close December 1st


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The fishing pier at Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware

The second stage of repairs to the Cape Henlopen fishing pier is scheduled to start in December.  The first phase was completed at the end of the summer and the pier was opened back up.  It was closed immediately this year for people’s safety until it could be repaired.  The pier will close on the first of December for a few months.  Crews will have to remove the old fence, decking, and lights.  I asked if the closing could be delayed a couple of weeks since the migratory rockfish season has yet to kick into high gear.  I was told more than likely not, since the park’s staff wants to make sure the repairs are done in a timely manner for the coming spring.   I also asked if the cement section on the left side will be opened to the public with a shorter fence and access for fishing.  That is great structure to fish and I have a few rigs stuck on that fenced area as do many of us.  I am waiting for an answer to that question, but I am sure they (parks) have to evaluate that section.   The end of the pier I was told at the last closing would possibly be set up with a shorter fence so the end of the pier could be fished.  I am still waiting on an answer about that as well.  Apparently it was fenced with that tall section to keep people from jumping off the pier.  Guess a long walk of a short pier applies in this case.  But seriously who is jumping off the end of the pier?  It will be nice to have new decking and a sturdier fence along the pier edge for the spring season.  Maybe they can turn the lights so they hang over the water?  That would be a bonus!  Fishing there at night under the lights has been really good for short striped bass moving around the flats the past couple weeks.

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