Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Update


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Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier without fence or lights

The redecking of the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier started last week.  The fence and lights have been removed as well as some boards from the end.  The crews are starting at the end of the pier and working their way to land.  It is strange to look at the pier and not see the fence or lights.  The pier is closed please stay off of it, I saw a few people climb the split rail fence and walk onto the pier.  The fence at the very end has been removed and when replaced will be a short fence like the rest of the pier.  We will be able to fish the end of the pier.  I was informed that the reason for the tall fence was to keep people from jumping off the end of the pier.  If you are crazy enough to jump into a field of old pier poles, more power to you.   The project is scheduled to take one hundred to one hundred and twenty days.


delaware, sussex county, cape henlopenfishing pier, construction, harbor of safe refuge, delaware bay, the flats
View from the beach at eye level

I ran into Dave Beebe there the other day and he said he will open Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle as soon as the pier is open and he is given the okay by the parks.  Normally he would be open by April first, and he is stocking the store now so he is ready. He is hoping they get done by the beginning of May, but if they run into delays he is worried it won’t be until Memorial Day Weekend.  Based on the timeline if delayed, that is what could happen.  Granted the crews are just putting on new deck after tearing off the old decking, but the weather will govern how fast they can work.  I hope the parks do not put that strip of plywood down the center again, that thing is a splinter factory.  A salt treated two by twelve would be much better. I know they want to cover the area where the deck boards meet, and I am sure the plywood is less of a tripping hazard.  So far everything is on schedule, we will see how things progress over the next couple of months.  The parking lot is open, and you can access the beach on each side.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Staging area for the pier renovations
Staging area for the pier renovations
cape henlopen fishing pier, sussex county, delaware, harbor of safe refuge
The fence is chained for your safety
You can see that the tall fence is not on the end
You can see that the tall fence is not on the end
Side view of the Cape Henlopen fishing pier
Side view of the Cape Henlopen fishing pier
cape henlopen fishing pierconstruction, renovations, harbor of saferefuge, delaware, sussex county
Another side view
delaware, cape henlopen fishing pier,harbor of safe refuge, the flats,
Zoomed in view from the beach

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