The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Is Open

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cape henlopen statge park, fishing pier, delaware, sussex county
Anglers fishing the end of the pier on Saturday

Dave Beebe received a lot of calls last week asking if the Cape Henlopen State Park fishing pier was open.  Due to the end of the pier being closed, and some media hype, many thought the entire pier was closed.  It wasn’t and is not.  Now the end of the pier has been restored to a short fence and you can fish the old structure out front.

One of the reasons to remove the old decking and pier on the end was due to safety concerns.  A few people decided to hop the fence and parks had to take action to prevent that from happening.

So the pier is open, the shop Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle is open.

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Fish On!

Rich King

delaware, fishing pier, sussex county, cape henlopen state park
Th end of the pier has a short fence like the rest of the pier for easy access to fish the end.
sussex county, delaware, cape henlopen state park, fishing pier
Where the end of the pier used to be located the boards are gone the structure will remain
fishing pier, cape henlopen state park, sussex county, delaware
The view of the rest of the pier on Saturday, it was crowded.

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