Broadkill Beach Took A Hit

I said this a few years ago, that giant berm will get eaten up by the sea and become a cliff of sand. Well today that happened.  You can’t pile up sand with that kind of slope and not expect it to do this.  These replenishment berms are great for protection where there was little before, I get that, but now how do you fix the beach?  Do you slope what is there or build a set of steps?

I can imagine right now the Broadkill beach folks are wondering how do they fix this issue and how much money was lost building that path system that just got hammered.  Also who gets to pay for this?  Not just the walkway issue but the entire berm issue?


bethany beach, beach replenishment, delaware, sussex county
Bethany Beach at low tide Sept 10th .. how long till this washes out as a cliff of sand

Bethany beach take note, this is where your berm or “dune” is headed at some point.  possibly as early as this weekend when Florence drops by.  Seriously, the southside beach dune the state built in DSSP has had this issue since Sandy.  Just go doen there it is a long drop to the beach on the walk overs closest to the inlet.

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