Broadkill Beach lost A Lot Of Sand And Beach Plum Looks Great

Yesterday I ran up tot Broadkill beach after helping the DIrty Hands Gang with the Overfalls Lightship. I wanted to see just how bad the eroding from Gordon was and check on Beach Plum Island State Park.  Broadkill took a pretty big hit losing about seven feet in height of sand and the water was washing right up to the newly formed cliff.

Once these waters subside the beach should come back and maybe build back up but for now it is not safe to visit that beach.  There is a cliff almost a mile long carved into the berm built a few years ago.  The walkway is al torn up and the newly placed dune fence is some areas is just washed up into a pile.  That isn’t deterring the residents from enjoying the beach.  If you are planning on visiting Broadkill in the near distant future you should to go to Beach Plum Island State park just down the road to the south it is just fine and much safer.

Beach Plum looked fine, just had water up higher than normal.  There are several well-defined cuts you should  fish and keep in mind their location for future trips.  The water was surprisingly clear considering what that area just went through.  The marsh at high tide was overflowed and full to the parking lot.  Expect that condition to continue for a few days.  The back of the parking lot has an access to get to the Broadkill river.   The fiddler crabs were all looking for high ground so they didn’t drown in their mud holes.

The drive on access is closed at Beach plum and I expect won’t be open for a while.  Parks will do that when they feel it is safe to use the beach again for vehicles.

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