Boaters Check Your Bilge Pumps

Captain Clarke Droney of Tow Boat US Indian River wants everyone to remember to check your bilge pumps.  It doesn’t take much to fill up a boat with enough water and then some heavy storm surge to drop her.  An over worked bilge pump can also drain a battery pretty fast too if not kept in check.  I have seen this happen too many times, even to one boat of my own.  Also make sure your boat is parked in a slip in the  proper direction.  Knowing which way the most storms and surge comes from is key, make sure the front of the boat is in that direction.

Last one I dealt with that sank, the boat filled with water, the bilge was overworked.  The wind pushed water into the boat because it was parked in the wrong direction, and the batteries were shorted out.  That is when it completely filled and sank.  This was a friend’s boat that didn’t have the tow insurance or boat insurance.  It is not cheap to have a boat salvaged if you do not have both of those coverages.  Tow Boat Us Indian River“Check your bilge pumps and batteries.  Unlimited towing for as little as $99.00.  Call us @ 302-462-5205 to become a member!” 

This is the best service you can have and for less than ten bucks a month it will save you a lot of aggravation, not to mention peace of mind knowing you can get a tow anytime.

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This time of year more boats will be in and on the water.   Pop up storms can dump a couple of inches of water in less than an hour and sometimes in minutes.  Check on your boat after every storm.  If you are not here have a friend keep and eye on it or use a service.  Have a great summer and boat safe.

Fish On!

Rich King

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