Bluefishing Is On Point

The other night Jeff Purdy and the gang hit the inlet and wore out the bluefish. “The boys were having a blast reeling in fish after fish after fish. “ … Jeff Purdy “The next day went to the surf and they were killing it there with spot.”

Anthony Purdy and Ticen Willey banging up spot in the surf

That action has been on fire for a tick or two. Nothing like these sized blues for eating and catching on light gear. Tons of fun and the carcasses are great for your crab pots.

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The bluefish along the beaches has been hot too, with Spanish mackerel still mixed in but not as prevalent it seems. Anglers are casting spoons to hit the schools as they swim by, or cut bait and mullet rigs.

Kevin Golden landed these blues at the inlet the other night.

So far it has been a good year for bluefish. I am looking forward to the point contests in September. We will put wooden plugs on a light rod, and no hooks. The idea is to see how many fish you “hook up” and drag back before the plug makes it back. My record is seven. It makes for some fun while banging up blues at the point. You can do this with a gotcha with no hooks too, but wood works better for the bluefish to “grip”.

Fish On!
Rich King

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