Once In A Blue, Super, Blood Moon Photographs


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Super Blue Blood Moon shot by Peggy Udinski

If you braved the chilly weather and got up early the other day then you got a chance to see the super blue blood moon.  Unfortunately for me the camera has bit the dust, literally. The optics have gone south and taking pictures, especially moon shots are impossible.  We were treated to a  visible super, blue, blood moon.  When the shadow of the earth moved across the moon and the added cloud cover it looked a lot like Jupiter.  There are a lot of cool pictures of the 2018 blood moon all over the internet.  Hopefully many of you got a chance to checkout this stellar event.  The only issue with any cool star gazing event is the fact they happen really early in the morning or very late at night.  Combine that with a school night and it is tough for people to go out and enjoy these events.  At least we have science to give us a warning of these occurrences.  I can’t imagine thousands of years ago all of a sudden an eclipse lunar or sun would occur and freak everyone out.   Knowledge of the stars helped save Christopher Columbus from a group of angry natives.  He used a lunar eclipse to quell a group of natives that were fighting with his crew.  He told the natives his god was angry and that the moon would disappear after moonrise, and that evening a lunar eclipse turned the moon to blood and the natives went nuts.  Needless to say Columbus was able to stop this uprising and keep the peace so to speak, until his crew could leave the island.

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