Blue Moon Labor Day Weekend

I met Kristen on 3R’s today to actually do a little surf fishing.  She was set up, the tide was almost to the bottom of the low.  The wind was right over the dunes, and the flies were horrible.  So we stood knee deep in the wash and fished.  The ocean was calm today, and the tide was lower than normal.  We bailed after the flies really turned on, and headed to the Indian River inlet, southside.  She hasn’t been there before, and wanted to check it out.  That is the lowest I have seen the tide in a while down there.  The rock wall looked like a cliff above a raging river.  The water was moving very fast, larger charter boats were having a tough time fighting the current.  The deck boat that tried to come in on the fast water was bouncing all over the place.  For a minute we got a little nervous, nothing compared to the little girl that screamed when she was almost thrown off the back of a Sea Doo.  That will jump start your heart.  Yup, and like that, it is Labor day weekend, we can just tell.  When someone runs full bore through the inlet, on a rented Sea Doo, it is safe to say they are clueless to the conditions of the water they are riding.  Those breakers out front can swallow a boat, someone at these rental places should warn people to be very careful out there, or not to do it at all.

The Point, Cape Henlopen State Park
The Point is open … photo by Suzanne Martin

This was possibly the most relaxing time I have had in a while.  Sitting on the rocks, in the shade of the Charles W. Cullen bridge.  Watching the boats go by, talking with a friend, and just forgetting everything for a while.  Therapy comes in many forms, I happen to live next to several natural ones, and have some killer friends.  I have been so busy, I forgot what it was like to sit still, chill , and enjoy life.  Contrary to popular opinion, I do not fish all day long, and then write up reports.  I used too.  There were a lot of bait fish along the rock wall, being chased by needle, and blue fish.  Something large would try to hit the needle fish every once in a while.  We would jump to get a rod, then another boat would go by, and do something worthy of our attention.  We hung out for a few hours, watched the world go by, and loved every minute of it.  Sometimes you have to slow it down to get perspective.  We have a lot of very cool projects planned, and announcements will come soon.  The best announcement we have right now … THE POINT is OPEN!  Now if Tuesday will hurry up, I can have it all to my lonesome.

spiney boxfish
Ellen White’s spiney boxfish.

So what is going on out there?  Ellen White caught a wild looking spiney boxfish the other day at Massey’s Landing.  The boys have been catching small Tautog, puppy drum, croakers, spot, small sea bass, and bluefish.  Flounder have been few and far between, Bill Jr. did manage a nice keeper yesterday on gulp.  A 19 inch trout was caught there the other day on gulp.  Fishbites bloodworm alternative, real bloodworms, and clam has been the best baits.   The last few nights the shorty stripers have been under the lights.  The largest I know of caught was 25 inches, not too shabby the shorties are getting bigger.  Fall is coming gang, you know, the real fishing season is almost here, monster bluefish, and big daddy stipers.  The blue fish at the Inlet have been hot on the incoming tides.  John has been slamming upwards of 8 pounders.  Out front they are hitting poppers, and inside they are hitting white bucktails with white worms.  Flounder have been caught on minnows, nice keepers.  A few trout have been caught amongst the bluefish.  Keeper sizes, but these folks always release them in hopes of having more and bigger fish next year.  The creel and size limit is 13 inches and 1 per day, it should be none for a few years.

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indian river inlet, low tide
Indian River Inlet at very low tide

The Henlopen pier area has been good for croakers, trout, and spot.  The surf has been hot for kingfish, spot, croaker, flounder, and bluefish.  When they are around … I know, but it is fishing.  Broadkill beach has been very hot for croakers, mostly little ones, unlike the 2 pounders at IRI.  Roosevelt Inlet has been producing spot, croakers, flounder, trout, and bluefish.  All the same baits are abiding, I have hit a few blues on spoons,  the few minutes I do get to fish, when I check out different places.  Mullet and peanut bunker are thick in the creeks and cuts.  Canary creek has been thick with baitfish for weeks.  One of the reasons the fishing is so “off” at times, too much food to compete with.  That is a good thing, more food means more fish, and healthier bays.  It is a blue moon Friday so have fun and be careful out there, this Labor Day weekend.

Fish On!!

Rich King

I will have raffle tickets at Rick’s Bait & Tackle on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.   I will also be at Sandbar Tavern Friday and Saturday nights,

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