Trout in the back bays and flounder pounding

flounder, indian river, massey's landing
Randy Piascinski “the duke of fluke” on live mullet. 6.2 pound door mat flounder

The past week the flounder have slowed down, until yesterday when they turned back on heavy.  I am at Rick’s Bait & tackle today selling raffle tickets, and I have seen many a flounder weighed.  The other day Randy Piascinski “the duke of fluke” caught a 6.2 pound doormat on live mullet.  Yes, that is his nickname, he calls himself, you can not make this stuff up.  He catches a keeper every time he is down there.  Masssey’s Landing is hot for flounder again.  Funny story… Last year I watched a guy cast netting giant 7-8 inch mullet, and throwing them back.  He said it was too big to fish with, so wrong, big bait equals big catch.  I love fishing tidal waters, you just never know what is going to turn on, and where.  Another 3.8 pound flounder was just weighed, this is one of five keepers.  Caught drifting in the Indian River Inlet from a boat.  Short’s tent sale is going on, and Long Neck, DE is a zoo today, I have met a lot of cool people this weekend.  Last night I met David Albright, it was nice meeting you, and that was a first.  He showed me the DSF Facebook page on his phone and asked … “Is this you?”  “It sure is,” I said, “That guy who fishes on the interweb.”  Come out tonight and see Loud Love blow the roof off the Sandbar Tavern, I will be there with raffle tickets!  Back at Rick’s Bait & Tackle on Sunday, and Monday is the last day to get tickets.  We will be in the crowd Sunday night at Pot Nets Bayside for the fireworks too.

sea trout, weakfish
17 1/2″ Sea Trout caught in a cast net @ the Marina at Bayshore Campground by 12 yr old Will Shahan
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Yesterday … 17 1/2″ Sea Trout caught in a cast net @ the Marina at Bayshore Campground by 12 yr old Will Shahan.  Nice catch young man!  The trout are all over the place, and everyone is excited.  Please practice catch and release, so we have more every year.  Mikey Williamson took his kids to Cape Henlopen State Park fishing pier last night.  “Moon wasn’t very blue from the pier at the cape, but was a good night to feed the fish. Blood worms produced a few croaker (and keepers) a spot. I used fish bites, worked for 1 keeper, bloods worked better. Saw a keeper flounder taken with a minnow on a speck rig. Nice breeze, no bugs, a great way to end the night.”  Good stuff Mikey, now if you get them tying knots, and dealing with snags you will be aces.  I just saw a picture of a HUGE trout caught 2 days ago, picture will be sent soon.  This is the biggest I have seen yet, and the largest anyone has heard caught in 10 years.  Flies have been horrible on 3r’s today, and all of DSSP for that matter.  Henlopen is a little better off, especially the point.  Spot and blues are being caught in the surf, and most of the beaches have emptied in Delaware Seashore State park, the flies are now that bad.  Alan did a little clamming today in the back bays and did very well.  Have a safe holiday weekend, the summer “season” is over but the fishing season never ends in Delaware, just changes.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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