Big Striped Bass In The Chesapeake


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Alan Battista’s personal best striped bass from the Chesapeake Bay today.

While everyone was fishing opening day for trout season today in Delaware.  Which I heard was crowded but people were doing well hooking up.  Alan Battista of Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the Chesapeake Bay was out doing a little striped bass fishing this morning.  The fish he got into was far from little.  “I have caught a lot of very big stripers, but none have ever been anywhere close to this one. This is the biggest fish I’ve ever caught, and it happened at 8 AM this morning. I’m still in disbelief of this fish.”  I sent him a messageDude! That is one huge fish!  Alan responded “It was so awesome. My heart is still in my throat. I couldn’t even fit it in the kayak.  “Today I got the biggest fish I’ve ever caught.   I nearly rolled the kayak trying to get her in for a couple photos before releasing it.  I was blessed to be able to see a fish like this in the flesh….so pumped.”  Alan said he nearly rolled the kayak twice just trying to get the fish out for a quick picture and release. The fish is probably close to the sixty pound range just from looking at the picture.  The Chesapeake Bay is known for very large striped bass and Alan’s catch solidifies that fact.  Few anglers get to experience a fish like this in their lifetime.  Even fewer release a fish like this and I have mad respect for that.  Congrats to Alan on a personal best.  When he calms his heart down we will get some more details on this great catch, except the location.  You can check out a review we did on his book, Light Tackle Kayak Trolling The Chesapeake Bay


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Striped Bass caught in the Sebastian Inlet, Florida … photo courtesy of Sally Baughman of Jackson Hole, WY
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While we are on the subject of striped bass one was caught at an unexpected place last week.  Believe it or not a striped bass was caught from the Jetty of Sebastian Inlet in Florida, yes Florida.  This was reported by the Sebastian Inlet District“Yesterday we had quite an interesting catch off the north jetty. A Striped Bass! A camera-shy angler landed the 31+” fish from the north jetty and it caused quite a stir among the locals. Many regulars who have fished the inlet for a lot of years have never seen a striper. You never know what you’re going to see at the inlet! The photo is courtesy of Sally Baughman of Jackson Hole, WY ” 

Looks like it is time to get on the water and start looking for schooling bass around the inland bays.  This weeks warm up into the seventies should help get the fish moving around more.  Who else has striped bass fever now?

Fish On!!

Rich King

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