Big Bass Hit The Surf


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Chris Vann with a nice striped bass caught near Cape Henlopen today .. photo courtesy of Lewes Harbor Marina

Go figure the one day I can’t get out and this happens.  We have been fishing the beaches for several days and have yet to see a bump from any thing of size.  Last night and today’s north-east winds may have changed the game in the surf.  This morning Chris Vann and his buddies reported to Lewes Harbor Marina they were hitting large striped bass in the surf and had to release a couple just under forty-four inches due to the slot limits.  They were using fresh bunker and fishing the incoming tide..  Good to finally see this happening,  now it is time to blow off the work I had planed for the day and hit the beach in a bit.  These were caught near Cape Henlopen, but we do not know exactly where.  Doesn’t matter, these fish are headed south for the winter so they could show up on any beach at any time.   The winds will switch to easterly this afternoon but that could still keep the fish close to shore.  Last night the wind was wicked, so hopefully any fish pushed this way will hang around the beaches for a few days.  The winds will switch up by tomorrow night.   Looking at the beach now on the webcams it looks very fishy.  Not sure how well lures will work in the dirty water but I am hoping to find out soon enough.  Time to hit the surf, work just got cancelled for the day.

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Fish On!!

Rich King

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