Bowers Beach Has A New Jetty

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Bowers Beach Jetty, murderkill river, Murderkill River North Jetty Rehabilitation Project, delaware, kent county, jetty fishing in Delaware
Bowers Beach Jetty in 2013 at low tide in the summer. You can see how it was sinking at the end as it tapers into the water.

If you haven’t seen or heard, Bowers Beach has a new Jetty on the north side of the Murderkill river.  According to the town’s website … “The Murderkill River North Jetty Rehabilitation Project began the week of September 14 at Bowers Beach. The project will involve the rehabilitation of the existing concrete filled bag jetty located at the mouth of the Murderkill River Entrance Navigation Channel. Quarry-stone will be laid over top of the bags to widen, raise the height and extend the length of the structure bayward. The work is designed to alleviate the on-going situation of the navigation channel, thereby reducing the frequency of future dredging needs.  It is also needed in preparation for the next beach re-nourishment project at Bowers.  Andrews, Miller & Associates of Easton, Maryland handled the planning, design, engineering and permitting phase of the project and will oversee the contract and construction management phase as well.  Kingfisher Environmental Services of Elkton, Maryland is the contractor.  The contact states (IJ-18) that the construction of the North Jetty shall be completed within 160 days after receipt of the State of Delaware purchase order – February, 2016. ”


jetty project, bowers beach, delaware, kent county, murderkill river,
Bowers Beach Jetty being prepared for the new jetty to be built. (September)

Several days before Christmas the project was completed and the construction vehicles were removed from the area.  I have watched the project from time to time over the past few months.  In the fall they were preparing the area and recently I watched as small stone was packed between large stones to reinforce the new jetty.  It is a huge jetty and I am looking forward to fishing it soon or in the spring.  The old Jetty made of the cement sand bags is still there, just as you get to the beach the new Jetty starts.  It will help keep the north beach from washing out anymore.  Soon the channel will be dredged again and the sand pumped on to  the north beach.  The homeowners will be very happy to see that since the bay is literally on their back porches at extreme high tides.  Bowers has always had issues with higher tides.  Back in the day it was said that you had to put your feet on the bar rail when the tide came up at the Bayview Inn, also known as the community and cultural  center.  According to Bob McDevitt from the town council,  “What you saw is the final height, the elevation drops around 3 1/2 ft. for the last section, they are filling in between the big rock with smaller stone to fill in the voids.  Should be done 21st or 22nd (December). ​I don’t think there will be a light on the pole out in the water just a warning sign.  There is a plan to replenish the beach, the sand will be dredged in.  They were going to do the south bowers jetty but the foundation of the old jetty has a problem.


Kent county, delaware, bowers beach, jetty project, northside, beach erosion
The new jetty being filled in for the final reinforcement.
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Bowers beach, jetty project, murderkill river, delaware, kent county
Side view of the Jetty as it gets the finishing touches.

If you haven’t visited Bowers Beach it is  a gem along the Delaware Bay coastline.  It is what I always imagined a small fishing town to look like.  It certainly has character and the residents are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Back in the day there were many head boats and charters that ran out of the Murderkill to fish the Delaware Bay.  Now a days there are a couple of charter boats and one head boat, Captains Lady Charters.  It is still a lively little place to visit and fish.  You can catch croakers, spot, striped bass, trout or weakfish, big catfish, skates, rays, and dogfish as well as small toothy sharks.  With the new jetty I would expect better fishing due to structure and the fact you can get a little farther out on the rocks.  The old Jetty at high tide would disappear just after the beach, which has eroded away to the houses in the last couple of years.  Our most recent nor’easter walloped that beach and I know the residents are happy to see work finally being done to help protect their properties and way of life.  Living in a small bayside fishing village.

Fish On!!

Rich King


More pictures of the project from beginning to end …

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