Bethany Beach Is Doing A Little Dune Fixing

 Every morning I check the web cams at the beaches just for grins and giggles.  Especially if I know I can’t hit the beach soon, because I am not already there.  Even on my way there, or before I leave, I check these cameras.  Always good to see the conditions and check the waves.  This way I know what it will be like when I get to the surf to fish. 


Dropping a pile of sand to fix the dune area

This morning was like any other morning except I get to watch Bethany Beach live fixing up a dune access area that got washed out.  they are trucking in sand or getting it off the beach elsewhere and fixing a few dune accesses that took a hit during Gordon to Florence.  Now that things have calmed down they cam rebuild the damaged areas and await the next storms.

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Winter nor’easters are the worst so it will be interesting to see how long or well this replenishment will hold. 

Fish On!

Rich King   

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