Bentley The Beach Comber Has A Special Skill

Yesterday we cleaned Fenwick Island State Park walk on and Drive on beaches. There was very little trash, there was a lot of leftover vegetable pieces, of corn, peppers, tomatoes, and watermelons. Apparently the beach went vegan over the holiday. One character we met yesterday has a special skill, and is helping our beaches. `

Bentley the beach combing golden retriever picks up trash and trades for treats.

We met Bentley yesterday, a beautiful friendly golden retriever. He and his owner made a B line to us near the chase truck. “I just wanted you all to meet Bentley, he picks up plastic trash”. Wait? What? “That’s right he comes out with me every morning and every time he finds a piece of plastic he gets a treat.” From looking at Bentley he has this down to a science. Treats for plastic trash. “You don’t have to worry about this beach Bentley is on the job, thank you for all you all are doing” Then she and Bentley headed back to the houses.

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I was impressed that not only Bentley is trained to pick up trash, but that someone actually is taking the time to do that on their own. This year we have received many pictures of people picking up trash at the beaches. More than we have received in the past three years combined. You all keep that up, good to see people taking the initiative. Most surf anglers will clean up the area around them while they are fishing. Did you know manyof our beach clean up volunteers are not surf anglers? These are just regular people that want to help keep the beaches clean.

Beach Clean up crew July 9th

The most items we are seeing this year are cigarette butts, because it is summer, there are more people using the beaches. Bottle caps is still the number one find. Ninety percent of our beach trash washes up from the ocean, even in the summer. Would be nice to see some boardwalk businesses get into the bucket for beach trash deal.

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