Beach Conditions After The Storm

The beaches south of Rehoboth to Fenwick Island have a bit of ledge to them. The waves crashing hard like yesterday head on will do that.
Be careful driving up to that at night especially. The sand can collapse and drop you to your frame real quick. Best to park a bit back from it. The wind and waves will knock it down and smooth it out eventually probably by the weekend. Just in time for a possible other storm.

Looking north at Fenwick Island today, the ledge runs the entire beach and is more pronounced in some areas than others.

The beaches are not that crowded on the drive on sections. There was a decent amount of people out today. Cape is going to be more crowded than Delaware Seashore. Fenwick is just crowded at the houses where all the people are staying on front of the park. The hazards for driving are minimal just mind the ledge, and keep an eye out for holes.

Somebody forgot to take their leftovers, beach was covered in corn and watermelon rinds
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The water cleared up nicely today, and the fishing picked right back up, great catching for many no so much for others. We saw decent sized schools of blues and a lot of the dolphins working herd on schools today at Fenwick and all the beaches above.

Conquest Beach July 8th

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