Beer Can Tab Can Save The Day Fishing

   A brewery recently put a diagram on their beer cans showing people how ot make a fish hook out of a beer can tab.  There is just one problem.  You are going to need to have some serious tools in the field to make this hook. 

  This is a pretty cool idea, and we are going to try this out this week.  I have been tagged in this photo a dozen times so now we have to see if it works.  Stay tuned.  

It reminds me of the time a buddy of mine was working on a job site near a pond.  We took our lunch break and kept seeing decent bass swimming by.  He wanted to catch one, so he rigged up a shoestring with a trim gun nail for a hook.  He found a worm under a rock and tossed in the lace and hook combo.  I kid you knot, he caught a fish with that MacGyver get up.  Based on that I could see this beer can tab hook working at least once. 

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Also if you need this hook in a survival situation, be glad you have beer to go with that fish you might catch.

Fish On!

Rich King

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