Beach Plum Island State Park Beach Is Clean


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Big Chill Beach Club Clean Up Crew Coupon

Five of us met at Beach Plum Island State Park today and cleaned the beach, in the rain.  That was a bit unexpected and wet.   We filled six trash bags with over two hundred pounds of trash.  That is the cleanest I have ever seen that beach, we figured there would be three times the trash we collected.  I think the most numerous items were bottle caps.  I find them the most when we do these clean ups.  Cigarette butts used to be the most found, but has gotten less and less each year.  We found a few interesting items.  A tea kettle that was riddled with bullet holes.  A tequila bottle still corked that was literally one giant piece of sea glass from rolling around in the water and sand.

If you are planning to come help, Big Chill Beach Club is giving all of our volunteers five dollar coupons for the restaurant at southside.  Huge thanks for their support and help.  We will see you next Wednesday at Cape Henlopen State park at the point crossing and will clean to Naval Crossing.  If we have enough people we might try to tackle Herring point to Gordons Pond.

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Rich King

Schedule  (Tuesdays)

July 5th ..  Wednesday due to the holiday, 8 AM … meet at Cape Henlopen State Park .. the point crossing
July 11th …  Meet at Cape Henlopen State Park herring point 8 AM we will clean both beaches
July 18th … Delaware Seashore State Park … Key Box parking lot 8 AM
July 25th …  3Rs crossing parking lot 8 AM
August 1st … Fenwick Island State Park
August 8th … Beach Plum Island State park at 8 AM  (Schedule cycle continues on into the winter.)

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