Beach Conditions In Delaware Seashore State Park And A Breach


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Area that breached you can see where the water pooled into the dunes.

I checked out the beaches in Delaware Seashore State Park today, the drive on was open, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near there if the tide is coming in and here is why …

The water is washing across the beach to the dune edges easier.  Because the storm we just had pushed a lot of sand up onto the beach and filled in most of the older swales.  So the beach is not as wide but much taller.  I am sure the nor’easter we are about to get will change that somewhat.  Some swales are present and up against the Dune lines.  There are PVc poles that were four feet out of the sand buried to their tops they look like rows of sand spikes for fishing.

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Lake conquest in Delaware Seashore state park

Lake conquest is back, south of the drive on access road.  This is the low spot that has been there for years, it is filled in more with sand so the swale is not as deep.  Even further south there is an area parks fixed with the big sand movers.  Looks like the ocean breached the dunes, but didn’t make it onto route 1.  It was close.  When you look at the pictures, you can see where the water was pooling and carving the dune line up behind the dunes.  Just like last year when it did breach.  You never know when and where water will push and breach the dunes.  It just takes that one wave, an already flooded beach, and the force of the surge.  Water moves at thirty pounds per square inch, it is very powerful.


This sign was four feet out of the sand before the storm hit.

The beach clean up is going to be bleak this coming Sunday, all of the debris washed into the dunes for the most part.  We try to stay out of the dunes as much as possible during clean ups, though we have permission to get trash in there, only if we can easily reach it with little to no impact on the dunes.  I am sure this nor’easter will finish off what was left.  For the most part there is little of anything on the beaches, except occasional debris piles full of trash.

So if you do venture onto the beaches, and that is any of the drive ons in all of the parks.  Be careful, don’t drive through the wet sand.  Today driving was easy, no tracks to jam up in and the beach is more solid due to constantly being washed over by water.  That layered the sand naturally and really compacted the beach.   It was like driving on concrete.  Yes you still have to air down!  There are cuts created by the swales when they drain, if these are wet, do not drive across them. I got out of the truck several times to check the sand stability.  If you sink just walking on it, you will damn sure sink your vehicle to the frame.  Speeding across will not help or work.

Area that was filled in to create a Dune to block water.

The waves were huge and dirty,  The wash is wide and you can see where the sand bar that has formed just off the beach is creating the waves.  This will all smooth out over time.  The fact the storm filled in most of the low spots on the back side of the beach is good news, those swales last year were annoying.  We will check out Cape Henlopen after the storm and update you on all of the beaches.  Today was a brief visit to get some air between meetings, and take a break from all the work on the tournaments and expos.  See you Saturday at the Delaware Outdoors Expo in Harrington in the Dover building.

Fish On!

Rich King

PVC poles that were buried
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PVC pole that was buried
Swale towards Key Box with the pipes that didn’t fill in
Swale towards Key Box with the pipes that didn’t fill in
Looking south truck for scale
Looking south
Looking north towards the bridge
the breach area
debris is stacked along the dunes



































Tides Indian River Inlet … 

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