Beach Combing Was Killer Today


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Shark tooth Matt Adams found today while walking the dogs.

Usually we find a lot of sea glass and the recent beach replenishment has really added some treasures to the beaches.  I dropped by Dewey Beach today to see if the alien was still lurking in the dune access. The alien wasn’t there, but as I was about to leave, Matt Adams sends me a picture on messenger. “Check this out!!!”  I look down the beach and there is someone walking their dogs.  I message back, “Hey is that you on the beach?”  “Yeah man come on down.”  So I gear up in my Helly Hansen attire and hit the sand, because I wanted to find a big shark tooth too.  Usually you only find the tiny sand shark teeth and it takes a skilled eye to find one of those.  Even they are a rare find, especially if you aren’t looking, or know where to look.  It was windy, but not too bad,except still really chilly.  This morning it was twenty-two degrees, Delaweather is in full effect, yesterday it was almost seventy degrees.  Surf fishing is almost non-existent right now, but walking the beach is always relaxing and I had some projects to discuss with Matt.  He has mad videographer and editing skills.


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Shell casing I found on the beach today

I walked along the sand, looking at the big pipe still there from the replenishment, and we were discussing the fact he hasn’t found a bullet or shell casing yet.  Yet he found that big shark tooth, and we are currently trying get it identified.  I haven’t seen a shark tooth that big found on a Delaware beach.  While walking back I look down and boom! I found two shell casings and lots of pieces of the belts that held the bullets together.  There were so many little copper belt pieces you could have filled up a five gallon bucket and cashed in at Donovan’s scrap metal in Georgetown.  We were discussing the fact the wind shift has changed the beach profile overnight.  Dewey is really wide now where the replenishment was done.  Just go beach combing after every high tide, because you never know what you will find and when.  Matt was just taking the dogs for a walk, sometimes you aren’t even looking, it just happens.

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piece of a bullet belt, delaware, sussex county, rehoboth beach, dewey beach
piece of a bullet belt
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Sand dollar I found today


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