Beach Clean Ups Not Only Help But Are Necessary

We have been doing weekly beach clean ups for about a year now.  There are groups all over the country that do these clean ups.  Ocean City, MD has crew that does weekly clean ups on Tuesdays, we also do our cleanups on Tuesday, because it is the least crowded day at the beach.  You don’t need to come to an organized cleanup to pick up litter.  Most of the beach litter comes from the ocean, but some does come from careless humans.  Just pick it up when you are out there, it is all you have to do, and try to use less single use plastic items.  Recycle, and secure trash cans during heavy storms.  It is very simple to help alleviate our growing trash problems.


loggerhead hatchling, plastic cup pollution, florida, Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program
You can see this loggerhead hatchling’s tracks into this plastic cup … photo courtesy of the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Recently in Florida the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program came across this loggerhead hatchling, an endangered species, stuck in a clear plastic cup when it was headed to the ocean.  One of their “turtlers” rescued this little guy and sent it on its way to the ocean.  These creatures and others have a tough life even surviving the first few minutes to days after they are born.  Only a very small percentage make it to maturity to return and lay more eggs..  Humans littering like this are making it even more difficult for marine life to survive.

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About a month ago a loggerhead laid eggs on a beach in Fenwick Island and the nest was moved to protect it from high tide issues.  Looking forward to seeing those little guys make it out to sea soon.

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