Beach Clean Ups A Big Success


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Tuesdays crew, we even had a five year old helping out this week. Thank you all!

I hate seeing trash anywhere in the environment, it drives me nuts.  Why can’t people pick up after themselves, why do people throw trash out their car window?  Is our world your trash can?  We have been hosting beach clean ups for over a month and we are now back where we started rotating the parks.  I want to thank Big Chill Beach Club, Diamond State Custom Tackle, and Coastal Contracting of Delaware for the support and hands on help.  Big Chill has been giving our volunteers five dollar off coupons for the beach club at southside at the Indian River Inlet.  Once in a while the employees are sent out to help as well.  Some come back on their own to help, thanks big Mike!  Diamond State Custom Tackle has been providing water.  Coastal Contracting of Delaware has been helping hands on and bringing a trailer to haul trash when we need it.  Delaware Surf Fishing has been providing rubber gloves and trash bags,as well as organizing these cleanups.  We are seeing less trash on the beaches since we started, but there is still trash, and always will be trash.  You could fill a trash bag up every tide cycle, most trash washes up on the beach from the sea.  The drive on beaches are cleaner than the walk on beaches.  Parks do have a beach comber machine they use on the guarded beaches, but the walk on beaches that are not maintained have more trash.  All of the beaches have plenty of trash that washes up from the sea, we just as much in the winter when no one uses the beaches.  The drive on beaches are much cleaner because I know for a fact many surf anglers clean their areas while they fish.  Even the kids get in on the action.


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volunteers combing the beach for trash

HUGE thanks to all our volunteers that have been coming out weekly and giving us two full hours and sometimes a little more to clean these beaches.  Without all of you this would not be possible, and we have great turnouts every week.  Next week we will be cleaning at Herring Point to Gordons pond on Tuesday the 22nd of August.  We meet every Tuesday at a different park beach.  We started at Beach Plum Island State Park and headed south, cleaning a different state park beach each week.  Once the summer season is over and we get through the weekend madness of September we will switch to weekends.  I have a lot of people that want to help that have to work during the week.  We do this on Tuesdays because it seems to be the least crowded at the beach.  We have been averaging about two hundred pounds of trash each week.   When we first started we took a lot of large debris off the beaches built up from storms.  When the nor’easters start back up and hurricane season hits, we will see more trash debris, until then it has mostly been household type trash.  After storms all kinds of things wash up on the beach, I still have a full five gallon bucket of oil I found last year.


don't polluter, littering is illegal, clean your beach, delaware, sussex county
We even clean the beach in the rain, because who doesn’t like to spend a coupe hours at the beach.

If you want to help keep the beaches clean everywhere it’s easy.  Don’t litter inland, or at all for that matter, and make sure trash cans are secure during storms and heavy winds.  Everything you see on the side of the road eventually makes it to the sea when you live near the coast.  Trash in cities that get into sewer drains eventually wash into the sea, some of it gets blown in by wind.  Please keep your areas clean, pick up trash if you see it laying around.  Unfortunately there are people who just do not care, and trash places, that speaks volumes to their character.  Teach your children the value of keeping the environment clean and why it is important.  A lot of trash gets eaten by wildlife and it blocks their digestive system and they starve to death.  Also remember our parks are carry in carry out.  Always bothered me that trash weighs a hundredth less than what it did before it became trash, yet gets left behind.  If you want to know why parks are carry in carry out read this article it explains everything.  See you on Tuesday and thank you very much for your help!  We will have a special event for all our volunteers at Big Chill Beach Club in the off season before they close for the season.

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Rich King

Beach combing machine Delaware State parks uses, it has tines on a belt to comb the sand, the trash is picked up, and is collected into a bin on the back.
Mark King comes out every week and helps us and we use his vehicle to move people around and collect trash.

Schedule for the next few weeks …

August 22 … Cape Henlopen State Park Herring Point to Gordons Pond
August 29 … Delaware Seashore State Park Key Box to Faithful Steward
September 5 … The Point in Cape Henlopen State Park it will have ust opened and will need a serious clean
September 12 … Delaware Seashore State Park Southside to 3Rs
September 19 … Fenwick Isalnd State Park

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