Beach Clean Up … What Happens To Trash On A Windy Beach


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Mark King in his JEEP our beach cleanup vehicle. He helps carry the trash and move the volunteers around.

Yesterday volunteers met at the south side inlet parking lot to clean the beach, it was thirty-four degrees and very windy.  In fact it was so cold we almost called it quits before even venturing onto the beach.   I also knew there would hardly be any trash on the beach, the wind was blowing right down the coast line.  Moving sand and everything into the dunes,  especially trash.

When I walked over the boardwalk at Big Chill Beach Club, I could see sand just moving down the beach.   The steady winds were pushing all the dry sand, which is how dunes are formed.  Not only will that build up dues it will bury anything in the way or expose things some times.  If there is anything stuck on the beach,the sand will build up around it and then cover it completely.


mylar balloon, beach trash, delaware sussex county, surf fishing, beach clean up
Mylar Balloon being buried in a mini dune of sand
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This is one way trash disappears on our beaches, the wind pushes it into the dunes or covers it in sand.  Both was happening yesterday.  We found a little trash and mostly walked in very cold windy conditions.  We did find several mylar balloons being formed into mini dunes.  Glad we were there to at least get those off the beaches.

Next week we will meet on Sunday at 9 AM at Fenwick Island bathhouse to clean those beaches.

Fish On!

Rich King

Mylar Balloon being buried in a mini dune of sand


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