Beach Access Upgrades For Delaware State Parks


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Middle surf fishing crossover in Fenwick Island State Park.

The drive on beach accesses in some of the parks were filled in with debris and sand from the first nor’easter of 2017, which always happens.  Parks have been clearing them out and for the most part they are all good to go now, I drove on all of them yesterday.  The access at Fenwick Island state park, the middle surf fishing crossover, which is literally its name has been widened by parks.  They made it about twice as wide, and now vehicles can pass one another much easier.  Even the crossover onto the beach is wider and graded out a little better.  That will be much easier for vehicles to pass back and forth.  The south crossing is still the same size, that is the one near the Fenwick Island state park bath house.  Always air down to avoid getting stuck, especially on the crossover accesses.


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The new air station at York crossing in Fenwick Island state park.
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The York crossing for Fenwick Island state park, that is the northern most access that leads into the little pine forest then opens up to the beach.  Also called South Bethany crossing by the locals.  Parks are upgrading the air station there and it is closed until they are finished with these renovations.  That air station has always been the slowest of the three, and seems to be used the most.  I assume it will be done by the start up of the summer season.  The building that houses the air pump is up and it looks almost ready to go.  The air stations at Middle surf fishing crossing and south surf fishing crossing for Fenwick Island State Park are working just fine.  Good to see a new air station at the York crossing, maybe eventually they will refurbish all of the other smaller stations.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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