Banging That Assateague Drum

  The other yearly fall run that just misses Delaware … the red drum run.  This happens as far north as assateague island every year and it is some serous surf fishing.  This year’s Assateague Red Drum tournament was canceled by the organizers, but the run is in full swing.  


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37 inch Red Drum at Assateague Island caught by David Moore

  Dave Moore has been hooking up with a few bulls.  I know he is disappointed the tournament is canceled this year, he usually does well.  There is always next year, and either way he is out there catching bull reds regardless.

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   This run usually lasts till about mid october.  We usually see a lot of smaller reds or puppy drum into December each year in the Delaware surf.  We rarely see a bull and certainly not a run. The big reds have been caught in Delaware before, just not in numbers, like the run in Assateague.  If you are going to try for one of these bulls make sure you have gear up to the job, bull red drum can really pull.   They have earned the name.

Use kingfish, spot or clam for bait.  Make sure if you are not going to hold your surf rod you have a real sand spike that can take a hit, or put it in the rod rack on the truck.

Fish On!

Rich King

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