Artist Writes An Important Message In The Sand Of The New Ocean City Inlet Beach


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Looking back at Ocean City … photo by Billy Parsons

If you haven’t seen it yet, the constant winds and storms have pushed tons of sand sand, literally, into the Ocean City inlet and created a beach along the north Jetty wall.  The last time this happened was superstorm Sandy.  Eventually the sand will wash out, but for now even the surfers are digging some of the cool waves it has created.

There are a couple of inlets on the northern east coast that have filled in along the north jetty walls creating a new beach.  One in particular up north in New York, surf anglers are able to drive to the inlet side at low tide.  Not something I would recommend, but hey it was there so they had to try right?

oceancity inlet beach, maryland, atlantic ocean, noreaster , sand in jetty
Looking out of the Ocean City Inlet … photo by Billy Parsons

You can see from the images this is not a small amount of sand at the new Ocean City inlet beach..  At low tide it is over twenty feet wide and at least two hundred feet long.  At high tide it is mostly covered with water, but quickly shows back up during the outgoing tide.

Eventually the inlet currents and tides will clear this sand out.  It may create a shoal in the inlet and be an issue for boats, especially the commercial watermen.   The city may have to look into removal, I have yet to ask about that.  My focus today was on this man’s message written in the sand.

A work in progress … photo by Janie Stack

For the past week or so people have been visiting the new beach and posting a lot of pictures.  Today however one man, only known as Bobby, created an work of art in the sand with an important message.  A lot of people took pictures of this work of art in progress.  Billy Parsons went back down around five to take some more pictures and the artwork and message had vanished into the sea.

I don’t think too many people we able to see this message.  Many did take pictures of it as a work in progress.  Though it was washed out to sea, hopefully the meaning of the message is not lost on people.

Billy Parsons took this video of the completed work and you can read the message in the video.

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 Ban Single Use Plastic.  A message written clearly in the sand.

single use plastic, ocean city inlet beach
By the late afternoon Bobby’s message was gone … photo by Billy Parsons

Something that really needs to be looked at for the sake of our environment … single use plastic.  The weekly Delaware beach clean ups we do not only produce a lot of mylar balloons, but straws are a huge find on the beaches.  We use over five hundred and fifty million straws a day, and then they are thrown away, most are never recycled.

We find plastic shopping bags, water bottles, and every type of plastic trash you can imagine.  We seem to find more red solo cups in the summer.  Some of this trash is seasonal, meaning when it is in season to use that one time product, we find it more on the beaches and waterways.

We are going to start educating the public on how to stop using or control their own use of “single use plastic”  I am tired of picking up so much trash that could easily have been avoided.  Our need for convenience in society has created this mass of trash that doesn’t get recycled.  We will explain all of that in future articles.  First stop will be why straws suck and what you can do to help.

Fish On!

Rich King

Video by Billy Parsons of the new Ocean City Inlet beach



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