Not The Donuts We Like At The Beach


At some point in the last twenty-four hours or less, someone decided to go all “yeehaa” and do donuts all over the beach in Cape Henlopen at navy Crossing.

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Sue Sokira saw this on her daily drive by to check out the sunrise and enjoy her happy place.

Ignorant stuff like this is how we lose access to our park beaches after hours.  It is also used as an excuse by people like the beach coalition folks to take away your access for their own benefit.

You can drive onto a Delaware state park surf fishing beach and fish twenty-four hours a day.  Parking lots at some of the drive on beaches are closed dusk to dawn, but drive on access is open. These parking lots also get torn up by people doing donuts in the gravel.  Then parks has to spend time and money they don’t have to fix the lot.

Ruts in the beach from four wheeling
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Drive on beaches do not get combed by parks and smoothed out like the walk on beaches.  It is up to us to respect the drive on beaches.

Driving across deep ruts like this can cause a normal 4×4 vehicle to get stuck.  Large ruts also come from people who do not air down.  That is bad enough, then we have to deal with this kind of disrespect.  “Some of these ruts are three feet deep.  It’s no wonder in this day and age why not only the government but private owners stop us from using our natural resources for pleasure and recreation ” ... Sue Sokira

If you see people driving like this on the beach call a ranger.  We don’t need to lose anymore access due to this kind of ignorance.  Real surf anglers don’t do this, we respect the beaches we use and care about.

If you want to do donuts at the beach, hit Duncan Donuts, not your gas pedal.

Fish On!

Rich King

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