Air Down Extra This Weekend Due To The Heat

You might want to consider airing down a little more than usual this weekend. Mostly for the heat and the wear on your vehicle and transmission, but also for the sand. The hotter sand tends to be very loose, we call it sugar sand.

It is much easier to drive across hot loose sand with even less air. 
If you go down to 20 normally go to 18, if you go to 18 go to 16 … the least I have ever aired down is 12 but that is pushing blowing a bead on your tire. 
Take it nice and slow too it will help keep your vehicle cooler. Vewhciles that get overworked, especially jeeps can blow a transmission line and then catch on fire.

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We will see serious heat for the entire weekend. Be safe and smart out there. Beer is not water, unless it is your average lite beer. The people who don’t air down will get stuck even faster this weekend, enjoy the show.

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Rich King

Explorer aka the “exploder” on fire at Fenwick Island a couple of years ago. .. photo from Don Weber

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