Actively Polluting The Ocean

Now I know where all the golf balls come from during beach cleanups.  Did you know golf balls add to the micro-plastic pollution problem we have in the ocean?  When they break down in the water the pieces are consumed by marine life. 

Hitting golf balls into the ocean in my book is right up there with purposely releasing balloons.  All this guy has to do is shank one shot and he could hit one of the people in the water in front of him or down the beach.

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Just a heads up, but hitting a golf ball in a Delaware State Park is illegal, so is littering.  Not to mention the fact this is NOT actively fishing.  The Zebco mini rod in the sand spike behind him is a nice touch too.  If you don’t want to actively fish that is fine by me, but at least try to follow the rules and not create more problems for the people who are trying to actually fish. 

I am very tired of listening to people complain to me daily about the issue with the crowded drive on beaches and people not fishing.  There is little I can do about it, if you want to help, get in touch with your state representative and complain to them.  They have the power to fix these issues, I can only put them out there for you to be aware.

Fish On!
Rich King

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