3 Eyed Catfish Caught in New York Canal


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Blinky the three-eyed catfish from the Simpsons

A three eyed catfish was caught in  New York yesterday in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn..  According to eyewitnesses the angler commented he was keeping it and intended to eat the catfish.  Many people are comparing this catfish to Blinky the three eyed catfish on the Simpsons.  I don’t know about any of you but we all joke about 2 headed catfish form the upper Delaware River.  I seriously  doubt i would eat a three-eyed catfish, much less anything out 0f a canal in the middle of Brooklyn.  Apparently some residents were upset the angler intended to keep the fish because they are trying to preserve the life in that waterway.  The video of the fish, by Greg Hunter is below.

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