Big Fish Are On The Move

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Chris Voorhies with a 25 pound blue from the surf in the north east … photo by  Frank Mackney

Up north near Long Beach Island and above areas are on fire.  There are fish being caught that will easily break a Delaware State record. The bluefish are hitting the shoreline again up there and we are hoping they come into our shores again soon.  They are feeding heavily on peanut bunker.  Ben Smith and his boys boated some huge striped bass upwards of forty three pounds.  Frank Mackney and his buddy  Chris Voorhies were in the surf up north and got into a bluefish blitz like the ones we had this spring.  Frank said … “Epic day today, never experienced a bluefish bite like that, I’ve been in blitzes , but not giant blues … Lost over a $100 in plugs and my body is shot.  You should see these beasts by Thanksgiving”    The blues they got into were just like the monster yellow eyed devils we had in our waters for seven weeks this past spring.

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Ben Smith with a 43 pound striped bass outside of Long Beach Island State Park
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The one Chris Voorhies landed weighed in at 25 pounds and he released the fish to fight another day.  That would easily top the current Delaware State record  of 21lbs. 15ozs. caught by Bill Thoroughgood on October, 27 1980.  I am actually surprised no one broke the record this spring, the largest I landed was 19.2 pounds, not too far from that record.  Maybe we will see a run like that again this fall.  There are big bass near Long Beach Island in New Jersey,  it is a fishing frenzy up there right now.  Mostly in the twenty to thirty pound class but there are some bigguns too.  Fish are up and down the Jersey coast and I am sure there are a few cruising our waters, or there might not be, part of the joy of fishing is finding out.  People spend their whole lives fishing, never realizing it is not the catch they are after.  You will have to put some serious time in to land one this weekend, and you won’t know unless you try.  Good luck out there, some night fishing is in order for the rest of the week.  It is going to be beautiful outside, we saw four fireballs from the Taurids last night while hammering shorts in the back bays.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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