2022 Delaware Fishing Licenses Online

Bait shops can also set you up with a recreational fishing license today.

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Get your Delaware recreational fishing license now, so you aren’t fishing dirty in the new year. Usually it is annoying to get your fishing license the first day of the new year. Now that it is all online, and a Saturday, it is much easier. I like the online purchase for two reasons.
It is much easier because I can do it from home. But the big bonus is I can make as many copies of my Delaware recreational fishing license as I can lose. Anglers are allowed to have a picture of their license on their phone. I recommend you sign a copy and take a picture of that. I still like the paper copy to carry along or have in the truck. I don’t always take the phone, especially when the waders are involved. I have ten copies in the glove box
Honestly why the state doesn’t allow us to purchase these a few days before the beginning of the year is beyond me. Must be an accounting thing.
Delaware Fish and Wild Life license agents. if you need to find a walk in location for your fishing license.

Set up your online account for Delaware licenses and permits on Digital DNREC. Once you have an account it is much easier to just log in and get whatever permit or license you need.

Maryland fishing license is done with a similar online system called Compass.

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