One to one hundred inches

It is going to snow

No idea how bad, but the most reliable (Delmarva WX) say a decent amount in the eight inch range to upwards of a foot possible. Chances are it will definitely snow, that is good enough for me. I’m over prepared as usual. Snacks for days in the shop and the truck.
On the 4th of January in 2018 we had a nice ten inches of snow sock us in for a day or two. I’ll take this snow storm in that range, I got the car hood all ready to play. Wood stove is stocked for plenty of warmth in the shop. Then again I might just go surf fishing in the snow. Be just our luck some migratory striped bass will buzz the coast while we are snowed in. Airing down for the snowed in trip to the beach.
Salty Life.

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Not a drop of slurry on the roads this time around. That is how you know it will snow like gangbusters.

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